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House of Not - Rock Odyssey

"HOUSE OF NOT remains true to its style which again includes different influences in its songs with no apparent musical boundaries or limits. Certainly, many passages may remind one of PINK FLOYD or of Rogers Waters, but also blues, Psychedelic, Soul and funky interludes are shown (for example in the playing in 'Fastlane Fraulein'). Through it all, HOUSE OF NOT are again progressive in the most original sense of the word. They further develop their music without limitations." - hooked-on-music.de

The House

Brian Erikson

(Vocals & Keyboards)

Ken O'Gorman

(Production, Mixing, Guitars)

Eric Stever

(Guitars & FX).


House Guests

Brian Erikson - Vocals, Keyboards

Ken (Smog) O’Gorman - Lead Guitar (1,2,6,8,10,18), Electric Guitars (1,3,8,9,11,13,14,16,18), Bass Guitar (7,8,16), Acoustic/Mando Guitars + Electric Sitar + Mandolin + Moog

Eric Stever - Lead Guitar (4,7,10,18 Outro), Electric Guitars (3,4,7,12,13,15,17), Guitar FX (3,4,15)

Dee Brown - Vocals (9,10,16), Backup (6)

Dione Taylor - Vocals (12,13)

Stan Miczek - Bass (2,4,10,12,13,14), Fretless Bass (6,9)

Lorne Sokoloff - Bass (1,18)

Terry Lesperance - Drums/Loops/Percussion (1,6,7,9,10,12,13,14,16,18)

Troy Feener - Drums (2,4)

Omar Ales - Keyboards (10)

Kyle (SuperBear) Stever - Engineer for Eric Stever (4), “Kill The Buddha” Monk Voice (18), Title/Lyric Consultant (4,8,15,16,17)

Produced & Mixed by: Ken O’Gorman

Recorded at: Hole in the Wall Studios (Toronto, Canada)

Mastered by: Andy Krehm (Silverbirch Productions)

Website & Album Artwork
Created by: SuperBear

Original Front Cover Art:
Award winning photo “Rising Planets” by Mikhail Bondar

HoN Logo by: Joannes Chan/Angela Milana

Concept, Music & Lyrics: Brian Erikson

except: “Fingerpaint #50” - Intro by Smog
“Eternity’s Garden” - Erikson/Stever
“It’s My Nature” - Intro by Smog

The song “Evergone & The Immaculate Spectacular” is dedicated to Shirley.

House of Not offers warm thanks to Annette O’Gorman, SusieQ, Eric & Shirley.

The Walkabout of A. Nexter Niode

Nexter's curiosity about life is triggered when he cannot get the answers he seeks from the mainstream mindset. He sets out on a quest that will forever alter his perceptions and shape his values.

When Nexter's path crosses with a controlling, narcissistic power-broker named "Schadenfreude", the challenge before him becomes clear in his mind.

His worst fears become reality. Treachery prevails. Life, love and truth are tested.

The Walkabout of A. Nexter Niode

No, House of Not is no Pink Floyd clone. They have this certain Dire Straits touch, which is partly because of the guitar work but maybe also because of the vocals. Now, that is finally a mixture that works, and House of Not implement it technically in an amazing way.

— Baby-blaue,- Germany

... the individual songs appear nearly ascetic in their simple musicality, yet they are composed and played in a naturally highly complex manner. And exactly that is the art: To provide the listener with the impression of playful easiness, yet to create gorgeous colors/sound.

— Home of Rock - Germany

... wicked ideas created by inspired musicians ... in-between progressive and melodic rock ... parallels to the Dire Straits in their best phase ... otherwise, the work is pretty unique and incomparable ... a rock n’roll orgy that definitely deserves to be noticed!...

— Ragazzi Music - Germany

... Brilliant work, directed mainly to the mature listener, highly recommended to every progressive rock fan ... ‘Mainstream’ combines great lyrics, charming melody and wonderful vocals ... ‘Blood from a Stone’ is an eight minute long masterpiece with great instrument arrangements and mesmerizing melody...

— Metallon - Greece

... ‘The Walkabout’ rock odyssey is expertly framed by imaginative lyrics and ethereal orchestration, promising a wild ride on this slickly produced concept album.

— Indie-Music.com - USA

... House of Not is a modern bastard of classic rock, progressive rock, jazz, funk, soul, psychedelic, blues, southern rock and, and, and ... a more exciting story told in musical form was probably not experienced since ‘Tommy’ and ‘The Wall’

— Home of Rock - Germany

...there is no way out ... you will be totally absorbed in Sexus’ alluring theatrical mix of influences ... the music is exciting because their style is unpredictable and each track holds something different and fresh ... ‘Sexus’ is a rock n’ roll journey of thought, obsession and power which evokes a dangerously intense mood... definitely an adventure you have to explore”

— University of Toronto - The Medium

...House of Not has broken through the thickness of what we know today as mainstream genre and this is exemplified in their highly evolved artistic maturity ... I ... invite you ...to discover this new and exciting world of music that has been so boldly created by House of Not.... above all formed ideas of what music is and what music should be, their resourceful, calculated risks and conformity to their own ideologies and methodologies have become similar to a creed. A creed that once tasted will leave a sweet, sweet taste in your mouth.”

— Arlequins - Italy