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1. Force of Nature

Conception, birth, to adolescence. 0-15 years of age in 4 minutes

2. Mainstream

Nexter’s questions about life are dismissed and left unanswered by Mainstream society.

3. Footnotes

Nexter is addressed by an older, wiser wayfarer who has taken ‘the trip’. The conditions
for his journey to begin require Nexter to “play it mean.” (That is…play it with passion.)

4. / 5. Off The Path and Taj Mahal Daydream

These instrumental pieces are meant to capture Nexter’s journey east, new exotic locations,
and a sense of distance from his known world.

6. Sad Silk

The heroine of the odyssey. She will tempt, titillate, and test Nexter as she leads him
to the precipice over the course of The Walkabout.

7. A Mile in those Shoes

As Nexter passes through the Middle East, he wonders what the ‘originals’ would say
about the fate or destiny of their peoples.

8. Sacred Cow

A brief observation on the nature of state and religious fundamentalism.

9. Ol’ Phat Fok

The powerful hypocrite/tyrant and Nexter’s nemesis and chief antagonist. He could be any
of a number of present day icons whether political, religious or corporate. Nexter retreats
with the words of the Hypocrite ringing in his ears, “I curse you to be true. Be true and be cursed!!!”

10. Freakstreet

Nexter visits the legendary street in Kathmandu, Nepal. The buzz of counterculture
takes hold as he meets Friedrich the eccentric fingerpainter and discovers a new definition
of rock n’ roll that he will not fully understand until he has completed his own journey.

11. Stranger

A good hard look in the mirror. Identity shifts and changes the further Nexter wanders
from his known world. He senses a dangerous path lies ahead.

12. High in the Himalayas

Big space at high altitude. This tune is a variation on a Buddhist hymn.

13. Blood from a Stone

A fateful realization for Nexter. He is certain of only one thing now…that his passion
lies somewhere other than the heady heights of certainty.

14. Sanctuary

Nexter finds a quiet place where he can regroup and re-evaluate where he is
and what path to take next.

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1. Séance

Nexter hears a voice in his head that he cannot get rid of. It is Silk’s and she say’s “Be true or be cursed.” Her challenge sets Nexter’s course and moves him to action.

2. Voodoo Bitch

a reverential ode to Mother Nature or an admission of obsession.

3. Whitehouse

Nexter returns to steal Silk from the Hypocrite in his place of power. If  power corrupts, then Nexter is not immune to the bug.

4. Lady in Waiting

a gentle rebuff to the eager Nexter. Silk questions his intentions as she waits behind her veiled bedposts with her confidante and servant- her Lady- in-Waiting.

5. Icons

Silk sends Nexter away. He finds himself trapped in a garden of statues and shadows. Alas…he is caught and beaten by the tyrant’s henchmen. Nexter goads them on like any freedom fighter would.

6. Is That The Best You Can Do?

Nexter manages a few words of contempt for his enemy or anybody who abuses their moment of power.

7. Black Out

Nexter has passed out. A song about war zones and the rules of war.

8. Footnotes / Hurt

an instrumental.

9. State of the Union

The Hypocrite addresses his fellow countrymen. Apparently he doesn’t think very highly of Nexter and his affection for Silk. With this curse, he instructs Silk to play her part in Nexter’s destruction.

10. Behind The Veil

The curse is set in motion. As Nexter slowly regains consciousness, he catches a glimpse of Silk’s true nature while she and her lady- in-waiting tend to him

11. It’s Your Mother

The innocent young Lady-in-Waiting tests Nexter in his moment of weakness.

12. Secret Garden

Silk returns to their hideaway. The heat builds as the two finally have a moment together.

13. Pipedream

A Freudian slip.

14. Chase The Dragon

‘Nothing is what it seems’ according to the narrator, who plays his six string for change just outside on the street.


Click on song title to read its description:

1. Meeting The Piper

We meet the soothsayer, a blind piper playing for change in the streets of the City.

2. Runnin With The Crowd

Nexter joins the mad rush of the city dwellers to find an antidote for Silk's snake bite. We hear a voice in the background singing " Save yourself...don't you run blind..."

3. Wishing Well

about the race to the bottom underlying ambition and greed

4. Fastlane Fraulein

the obligatory driving song for this rock odyssey. Also a character statement on the betrayer, Hope.

5. Hope

the obligatory "dancer" song for this rock odyssey. Also, an alternative look at the nature of hope.

6. Ode To Easter Island (Piper)

Second of the four Piper interludes describing both ecological disaster and foretelling what is to happen to Silk who rests paralyzed by snake venom alone at their secret island hideaway in wait of the Wayfarer.

7. Une Île, La Lune, La Mer

an instrumental for islands everywhere.

8. Was It As Good For You?

Silk senses the approach of the evil Schadenfreude. These are her last thoughts.

9. The Death of Silk

Complete with real F-18's as recorded by HoN. This is not pretty.

10. A Beautiful Lie

All is not well. The narrator laments the sheer cruelty of events.

11. A Secret Told (Piper)

third of the Piper Interludes. There ain't no fear Hope don't betray.

12. Man of Faith

sung by the reflection in a mirrored  building. This spirit sings a lament of the games of men.

13. Seven Long Years

An expression of impatience. Time speeds by as the Wayfarer waits for a ferry home.

14. Key of G

A brief dialogue between the Piper and the Wayfarer.

15. 1000 Buddhas (Piper)

The final Piper interlude and last words of the Piper as he passes away.

16. Once

The spirit of the Piper becomes a whale he moves on.

17. Ded Fred

The Hypocrite, Schadenfreude, learns of Fred’s death and offers a sarcastic eulogy for The Piper... Once his friend, mentor and moral compass...

18. Schadenfreude

the hypocrite is astonished by the appearance of an is #One from the House of Not... home of wayfaring spirits everywhere.

19. Song Seems Sung

a reflective ditty as Nexter takes the boat home.

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