House of Not: "The Walkabout of A. Nexter Niode" is an epic 5 part Rock Odyssey that chronicles the journey of a wayfaring troubadour who plays his six strings for change.

The Story...

In an exotic land, unknown to most, lies "Icon City". The multitudes live in servitude to a powerful 'Hypocrite', who has co-opted the once utopian "Sanctuary" into a technologically indoctrinated collective. The status quo of the tyrant's fraudulent rule is upset when 'The Wayfarer', A. Nexter Niode, happens upon 'the City.'

The Walkabout Divider

The Project...

House of Not has recorded three of the five albums that make up "The Trip". The Website, the Mural, along with Nexter's Notes (the secret diary of The #Wayfarer) and a live, multimedia presentation; all combine to complete this event in ROCK!

The House of Not project is written and created by Brian Erikson and was formed in 2002, to record and perform "The Walkabout of A. Nexter Niode". The project consists of Brian Erikson (Vocals, Keyboards, Orchestration), Ken O'Gorman (Production, Mixing, Guitars) and Eric Stever (Guitars, FX); along with numerous other gracious contributors including Dee Brown, Dione Taylor, Stan Miczek, Troy Feener, Lou Roppoli and Omar Ales.
To date, Part I - Off The Path, Part II - Sexus & Part III - On The Madness of Crowds have been released worldwide. Currently HoN is in the process of recording Part IV - Evergone & The Immaculate Spectacular and is slated for release in 2016.

Tune Out — Turn On — Take The Trip!