Brian Erikson

(Vocals, Keyboards)

Ken O'Gorman

(Production, Mixing, Guitars)

Eric Stever

(Guitars, FX)

The Walkabout Divider

Along with numerous other gracious contributors including Dee Brown, Dione Taylor, Stan Miczek, Terry Lesperance, Troy Feener, Lorne Sokoloff and Omar Ales.


House of Not

Brian Erikson - Vocals, Keyboards
Ken (Smog) O’Gorman - Lead Guitar (1,2,6,8,10,18),
Electric Guitars (1,3,8,9,11,13,14,16,18), Bass Guitar (7,8,16),
Acoustic/Mando Guitars + Electric Sitar + Mandolin + Moog
Eric Stever - Lead Guitar (4,7,10,18 Outro),
Electric Guitars (3,4,7,12,13,15,17),
Guitar FX (3,4,15)

House Guests

Dee Brown - Vocals (9,10,16), Backup (6)
Dione Taylor - Vocals (12,13)
Stan Miczek - Bass (2,4,10,12,13,14),
Fretless Bass (6,9)
Lorne Sokoloff - Bass (1,18)
Terry Lesperance - Drums/Loops/Percussion (1,6,7,9,10,12,13,14,16,18)
Troy Feener - Drums (2,4)
Omar Ales - Keyboards (10)
Kyle Magnus (SuperBear) Stever -
Engineer for Eric Stever (4),
“Kill The Buddha” Monk Voice (18),
Title/Lyric Consultant (4,8,15,16,17)

Produced & Mixed by: Ken O’Gorman
Recorded at: Hole in the Wall Studios (Toronto, Canada)
Mastered by: Andy Krehm (Silverbirch Productions)

Website & Album Artwork
Created by: SuperBear

Original Front Cover Art:
Award winning photo “Rising Planets” by Mikhail Bondar
HoN Logo by: Joannes Chan/Angela Milana

Songs by: Brian Erikson
except: “Fingerpaint #50” - Intro by Smog
“Eternity’s Garden” - Erikson/Stever
“It’s My Nature” - Intro by Smog

The song “Evergone & The Immaculate Spectacular” is dedicated to Shirley.

House of Not offers warm thanks to Annette O’Gorman, SusieQ, Eric & Shirley.

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